One of the main environmental problems of our age is the elimination of municipal and industrial solid waste. In order to protect the water sources both underground and above ground, it is important to construct regular storage areas.

The basic specification of this kind of storage areas is, the bottom of the area is covered by special membrane technology to prevent the water sources from contamination by leaking leachate. Meanwhile, it is possible to recycle the inorganics like paper, glass, plastic and metal, by recycling plants, to be reused in the production of second quality goods.

There are several examples of such kind of plants. This is also important to extend the optimum life of storage areas. Leachate sourcing from organic load of storage areas and waste biogas sourcing from organic degradation are two other important problems that should be considered in storage areas. But, it is possible to gain energy from both leachate and biogas in order to use in daily consumption.