FAQ / Sludge treatment

Treatment sludge must be disposed of WHAT?

Treatment prior to final disposal of sludge treatment plants is required. Of wastewater treatment plants and sludge treatment method of choice for the storage, waste characterization, purification of chemical substances used, subject to the relevant legislation. Sewage sludge disposal operation will be a separate expense item, wastewater treatment plant and the project should be taken into account kururlurken this issue should be made according to this issue. Hazardous waste facilities, sewage sludge, especially those that feature mud mixed with other wastes should be collected and disposed of.


Sludge disposal methods are as follows;

  • Stabilization
  • Treatment
  • Intensification
  • Dehydration
  • Drying
  • Final Disposal

Stabilization: sludge stabilization is effective in reducing the volume of sludge in particular. The main purpose of the process of stabilization of the sludge organic matter in the physical, biological or chemical methods to provide remedy. Aerobic or anaerobic digestion significantly reduces the volume of sludge stabilization methods.

Treatment: Treatment is to facilitate the sludge dewatering process. The most common treatment Heat treatment and chemical treatment methods. Kullanılack chemical treatment are chemical substances and their dosages should be calculated as an experimental laboratory studies.

Concentration: Treatment reduce the volume of produced sludge at the mud from becoming concentrated and thus less for the disposal of sludge digester tank is used to obtain a small and cheap. The most common usage weighted flocculation. Weighted flocculation process can be accelerated by the addition of chemical coagulant agents.

Dewatering; sludge from treatment plants easier by reducing the water content of the solid becomes necessary to uzaklaştırılabilmesi facility. For this purpose, the most widely used presses filte equipment. Despite the work of discrete filter presses, sludge solids content have more can be achieved.