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Our model KumKim® is an effective, efficient and flexible design used for the treatment of industrial wastewater sourcing from factories and manufacturing plants. Generally, in the industrial plants, due to the changes in manufacturing lines, both wastewater characteristics and the flow show variations during the day. In order to eliminate these fluctuations in flow and absorb the affects of changing parameters, these systems are designed to keep the system’s demand minimum for an operator while performing treatment.

Basically, the following parameters are considered as a problem in industrial plants: Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD), soluble and/or floating oil-grease, hydrocarbons, nitrogen and phosphorus, heavy metals, cyanide, solvents etc. One or some or all of these parameters can be produced by the same industrial plant.

At that point, KumKim® has the flexibility in its design to treat all these parameters in the same plant. Due to the demand and need of the customers, systems are possible to be designed as automatic, semi-automatic or manual.